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Join us on a River Rafting Adventure! As we travel down the river and through the book of Acts, we will experience God’s love alongside the earliest Christians. At the first stop, God fills the believers with his love at Pentecost, and they go out to discover people from around the world who are ready to hear the good news.

During each session, children will travel down the river with Bobby (a scientist) and Sammy (a river guide). Bobby and Sammy plan to visit people who live along the river.

Each evening the children will travel through four different activity rotations. At Campfire Stories, they will learn more about God’s work in the earliest Christians. Picnic Point is a spot to enjoy snacks, review the Oar, learn motions for the day’s memory verse, and participate in an activity to learn the verse. At Roaring Rapids Children will play a game that reinforces the day’s lesson. At Campsite Crafts, children will create a craft that will help them remember the Bible story.

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